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Residents engage with many activities including volunteering opportunities to not only help others but work towards improving levels of confidence, self esteem and work on reducing levels of isolation.  Many of the residents have commented on the level of comradery which helps them to make new friendships and acknowledge that each person is there for the same reason and this in turn creates a positive support network.

Residential to Scotland 

- 14th Sept - 18th Sept 2023

NHR arranged a Camping residential for the residents at Raithby Hall to the New Lanark in Scotland a known place of beauty and although there was a very rainy start the residential was excellent with everyone being very thankful stating they had a wonderful time with many people stating they would never have been able to get such an opportunity.  Residents continued with some of their programme practices including reflection and gratitude.  

Football Match

- September 2023

Turning Point arranged a friendly Football Match with the Falcon Centre, NHR and additional service providers. Everyone stated they had a lovely day and the camaraderie between all teams was excellent. NHR did really well but were unable to with the Match .....maybe next time

Health and Wellbeing Day at Raithby Hall

- June 2023

All NHR residents were invited to a health and wellbeing day arranged at Raithby Hall.  Holistic Therapies included auricular acupuncture, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Candling, Sound and Energy Work, Visualisation and Meditation.  The day included a barbeque, a steel band and some members of the community were invited - everyone stated they had a wonderful time..... 

Dovedale Social Day Out

- September 2022

NHR arranged a social day out for all residents to Dovedale.  Residents stated they enjoyed the day and hoped more days like this could be arranged.  All residents were laughing, sharing stories and general conversation around recovery and wellbeing.

Recovery Week - Falcon Centre, Loughborough

- 6th September 2022

NHR residents engaged with a football tournament at the Falcon Centre Recovery Week event  Additional organisations that took part in the tournament included - The Carpenters Arms Rehab, Turning Point, Help the Homeless (Leicester) and Falcon Centre in Loughborough.  This was a wonderful tournament and it was great to see NHR residents compete and have such a great time at the tournament.  The residents all did themselves a great credit by performing the way they did and also by playing extremely well at football. The residents were an absolute credit to themselves and to NHR.

New Hope were awarded " BEST TEAM" - REWARDS OF RECOVERY" and it was amazing to see our residents get presented with their medals and their Trophy. 

Volunteering Day

- August 2022

Residents worked together to clear the garden.  at one of the other properties and really enjoyed the weather stating it was good to get out and do something positive

Volunteering Day

- July 2022

Residents worked together to clear the garden.  One resident cooked food.  Stated they would like to do more days where they could meet up with other residents. Positive conversations around recovery 

Wellbeing Event at Staywell Derby

- 10th May 2022

Over 20 residents engaged with the Wellbeing day and engaged with a brainstorming session to look at sessions that would assist with mental and physical Health for individuals experiencing issues around addiction and additional complex needs.  

Meal out for residents

- 20th April 2022

The congregation of Yahweh arranged a full sit down meal for NHR residents.  Residents engaging in positive conversation and overcoming some personal difficulties around isolation.  Really positive day!

Day Trip to Dovedale- June 2021
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