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Charitable Work in Ghana - October 2021

NHR Director & volunteers travelled over to a remote village 150 miles inland in Ghana West Africa. The village was in the Ashanti Region of Afrancho.  We took over clothing for men, women, children, baby clothes, shoes, and toiletries provisions for a community of approx 100 residents.


The villagers live a very simple life and have very little resources. Although they live off the land and are very creative in how they live.

Whilst in Ghana NHR carried out some research to identify potential self sustaining projects that can help the community and will be looking at supporting a farming project that will create jobs and resources for the villagers.  The visit was a very humbling process and we were glad that we were able to meet such wonderful people.

Some donations went towards purchasing a football kit for a local team of players 

- Team Name ; Nottingham Forest Ghana 

- Twitter handle; Nottingham Forest Ghana 

-  Instagram; Nottingham Forest Ghana

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