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Here at NHR we strive to work towards establishing and strengthening links with local services in addition to working closely with residents to establish areas of improvement, things that work and developing new areas of support.  The following projects have been developed to enhance and further develop the support that NHR provide increasing awareness within local communities, establishing further links with partners and more importantly ensuring residents that access NHR are able to access a wraparound support service through the partnerships established.

We would like to express our gratitude to funders that have been able to see the work we are undertaking and support NHR in reaching and supporting more individuals.

Building Hope Project (Jan 2023 -  Jan 2026)


Through ‘Building Hope’ Project NHR residents will access in-depth and intensive support to enable them to realise and sustain their recovery.  The Specialist Addiction Recovery Worker will assist residents to engage with their peers in a positive and supportive manner.  NHR are a peer led organisation with Lived Experience and we will work closely with the community and partner organisations to sustain and build strong working partnerships.  NHR will engage residents at the earliest point possible to provide recovery-focused support working with partners to build a wraparound support network addressing mental health, physical health relapse prevention and developing overall wellbeing.  In addition the project will promote and further develop links within the recovery community to further develop strong, positive and supportive long term relationships.  The project is made possible thanks to National Lottery players through a Reaching Communities grant from The National Lottery Community Fund, the largest funder of community activity in the UK.

Reaching Out Project (June 2022 - June 2023)

NHR's Outreach Worker will seek to support individuals within the community in a variety of settings including the street homeless in addition to working closely with partner organisations.  Working directly with individuals through a Peer Mentor approach with someone that has lived experience.  

In addition NHR's Outreach Worker will establish links with partner organisations, work closely with local health services, local authorities and additional support services to establish referral pathways. 

Primarily providing a simplistic referral pathway to support  individuals that have addiction issues, are homeless, may have offended or have offending behaviours and/or struggle with mental health who are looking for support in living an abstinence based lifestyle   - raising awareness and promoting the work that NHR provide. 



Healthy, Well and Clean (Aug 2022 - Aug 2023


The Healthy, Well and Clean Project offers opportunities for residents to take part in activities to promote health and wellbeing through engaging with a variety of activities including engaging with holistic therapies, physical fitness/outdoor pursuits and engaging with activities that improve levels of social engagement.

These sessions will promote health and wellbeing, mindfulness, self awareness and self care.

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