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New Hope Women's Accommodation Services

About Us


New Hope Women’s Accommodation provides a range of safe supported living provisions in the East Midlands area. It has been identified that there is a lack of accommodation and support for single homeless women and/or families. New Hope Women’s Accommodation Services was created to address this ongoing unmet need for all vulnerable women.  We aim to empower and support single homeless women to reach their full potential. We believe in order to achieve this, the individual’s basic needs must be met such as safe, warm and secure accommodation. We understand that families can become homeless for a variety of reasons. This can be a very unsettling time for women and their children. We strive to provide a stable living environment so children can thrive and feel safe whilst equipping their parent with the skills to sustain a future tenancy. We aim to assist women to gain the skills needed to be self-sufficient and become productive members of society.

Tailored in-house support

New Hope Women’s Accommodation Services offers a broad range of support to ensure we can meet the needs of everyone that access the provision. This includes

•           Focused key working sessions

•           Identifying support services and groups

            ( Drugs, alcohol, HIV, parenting etc)

•           Managing finances (budgeting & benefits)

•           Help attending appointments

•           Cooking, cleaning and shopping

•           Developing hobbies and interests

•           Building confidence, resilience and self esteem

•           Signposting and accessing other services

             (counselling, legal advice, housing etc)

•           Access to local leisure centre (health and


•           Access to volunteering

•           Fortnightly house meeting’s

•           Preparation for independent living (planning a

            successful move on)


New Hope Women’s Accommodation Services can also assist with:

•           Facilitate attendance to local support group

•           Access to Holistic therapies (mental well-


•           Social Activities

•           Support with accessing further and higher


•           Access to parenting courses

•           Access to confidence building courses

•           Gaining independent living skills

•           Resettlement to more permeant


•           Help to secure employment

•           Preparing for interviews

•           Signposting to additional floating support

             where needed

New Hope Women's Accommodation Services

Please note referrals will be accepted where you are able to meet at least 2 of the following criteria:

Thank you, for the enquiry, someone will be in touch soon

Referral form can be downloaded and emailed back to:

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