Davie - my journey...... 

My name is Davie and I am an extremely grateful recovering addict. After 30 years of drug addiction I am finally clean, one day at a time, and living my life to the fullest.  

I moved to New Hope in January 2021 after successfully completing a 12 month Christian rehabilitation programme in Loughborough. Since moving to New Hope and settling into my new surroundings in the Nottingham area, I have been given the opportunity to work with service users as a support worker, helping them to realise their full potential in life, which I have been so fortunate to achieve myself in recent times.

RS  - "‘Loved it’ – opened my mind, freedom and exercise, was a beautiful day and got on really well with the other residents, would recommend doing that again, I love nature….."

JN  - "First time I have been put in such a stressful situation and I was grateful for it, It did me a lot of good, I was very reserved and don’t react anymore.  Would definitely like to do more things like that.."


The following information has been compiled using feedback from service users.  NHR strive to ensure the best support possible as such we undertake feedback sessions to monitor levels of progress and to identify any areas that may support residents to progress further.  

Additional feedback was provided after a recent trip to Dovedale which was something Service Users have stated they would like to engage with more often.

I am currently studying for a health and social care diploma, which I will achieve next year, 2022, and then I will continue onto a counselling degree that same year.  I am as active as I can possibly be in the recovery network outside of New Hope also, which helps me in my recovery no end. This is what all of my peers in New Hope do, and is what was suggested to me to do.  For me, to be able to give back what was freely given to me, is nothing short of wonderful. 


What New Hope has given me, is the opportunity to be the man, son, brother and dad that I should always have been. Words cannot express my gratitude for what New Hope has done and continues to do in my life.

Dovedale Day Trip - June 2021

PS  - "The walk in Dovedale was amazing, went up the peak was great to get out and chill with the lads"

LS  - "Day out to Dovedale was great it was a good social outing and beautiful environment.  People coming out of themselves………...."

BM  - "was good being in a group with the lads sitting, talking about recovery, was an amazing day.  Would like to do more stuff like that."

JT  - "The day out to Dovedale was amazing, everyone together ‘Unity’ seeing everyone smile I want to see other people getting better…...."

Service User Feedback

JN - 52 - NHR resident for 11 months

Heard about New Hope from the Housing Officer, Probation Service. New hope is the ‘top one’……. I have been with other providers who have not provided any support and I can’t fault this place. I get all sorts of support including support with benefits, one to one sessions, have zoom meetings etc. I have issues with other personalities but in my one to one sessions I am able to talk through things and I am getting better at engaging with other people, I do better with less people - but I am getting better….. taking my time, small steps. What can I say about the support NHR provide – I am clean, staff are good at weeding out issues, I am going to the gym at the moment twice a day and this is something I struggled with over the lockdown. To be fair I have never been happier, I’m feeling happy every day….I have support from my psychotherapist and the MBTT Mentalisation based therapy team who help with looking at levels of social engagement. I can also provide general nutricial advice. What else could NHR do to improve their support? Would be good to go to a basketball pitch to do a group activity.

BM - 38 - NHR resident for 9 months

I left prison and they referred me to NHR. Initially mentally I was really bad and was isolated. I have stayed clean - I do the NHR Friday Zoom meetings and a further 2/3 (zoom) meetings throughout the week, I have weekly keywork sessions and I like having that one to one time.... it’s calmer.

I would like to help people in the future especially people in the recovery setting. I have been working on the steps. Group sessions in the house were ok only when in the same house as we knew each other. I am now getting on better with other people.

My cooking wasn’t that good when I first got here. I am now getting there am intrigued when housemates cook and get some ideas from them as well.

NHR has benefitted me in lots of ways, good people, they are on the phone when you are struggling, staff will help in any possible way that they can. Helps that staff have been there passing on what they know, have learned processes etc…..

What else could NHR do to improve their support? Would be good to do a group session maybe once a month outdoors.

I Feeling 65 – 70% that I am ok and my next step is to look and see if I can get a part-time job.

JT - 44 - NHR resident for 4 months

I was homeless and using substances, just had enough and didn’t see any hope. I was referred to New Hope by my GP and was successful in my application.

Being with NHR has changed my life……. the house, the area, people, staff and the programme I feel loved, cared and wanted. I get one to one support, attend group discussions, I am learning about substance misuse and I attend some of the Recovery Group Support Meetings - the whole package.

I have it all……. the staff have all got their own ways of working which are really great. If you want to get well and live a life free of drugs and drink and are in the need of being part of life I strongly recommend you try New Hope Rehab.

I presently do some volunteering at a church on Saturday helping with the equipment and we have a WhatsApp group called “laughs and fellowship” for all residents where we can share positive things and encourage each other.

I am just so grateful to New Hope they are always willing to help and once I get myself sorted I would like to work with them. It is also beneficial to have staff that have lived experience they know where you are coming from.

LM - 34 - NHR resident for 12 months

I was at a rehab facility and had completed the programme but whilst at phase 3, I relapsed and went back to the initial phases.

When I first came to New Hope I was determined not to drink again but was scared a bit from having the independence after being within a rehab environment for over a year.

Whilst I have been with New Hope I have got on with the support staff they have been great and I like the area. Some of the support I access includes keywork sessions, staff are available over the phone when in crisis e.g. when I was in crisis over the Christmas period as it was my first Christmas and I was struggling as my nan died – staff were very supportive.

All the staff know me and are very caring and supportive.

I am presently volunteering one day a week which I really enjoy (Volunteering placement was closed over the lockdown period). In the future I would like to do a counselling course .

LS - 23 - NHR resident for 5 months

I was using a lot of cannabis and was referred to New Hope by my GP. I was positive and excited to come to NHR as rehab was not for me I was at the rehab for 20hrs.

Since being at New Hope it has been great, comfortable, relaxed, positive and all the staff are helpful, supportive, they are great. Staff help me they take me to appointments e.g. to the Drs when I need to go.

I am feeling alive, more positive and looking at life in a more positive way. Support from the staff and being around people in the same situation and being engaged with recovery meetings just shows me I don’t want to be that person. It helps having someone positive living in the same house

Staff realise what your are going through, they see themselves in you and can point out what’s going on in your mind and use the resources from there own recovery experiences and how they got clean. I think it is really important that staff are from lived experience.

The support I receive at New Hope includes keywork sessions, recovery work, I have the 12 step book which I am looking through and I get to see staff every day. At New Hope you have great potential to become who you are, people of a similar background, good starting point as you are around people that understand rather than have self-pity.

‘Every day is a good day’. I enjoy people coming together doing basic things with the lads like today where we all got together to clear the garden.

LS - 37 - NHR resident for 9 months

Rehab referred me in to NHR supported accommodation. My mental and physical health is paramount. Whilst with NHR I have keywork sessions once per week and prefer the face to face meetings, they catch up on how you are getting along, how you are feeling and where you are at. I attend the Recovery marathon meetings which are the 24/7 meetings and I also attend the NHR Friday Zoom meeting.

Over the past month I have been teaching myself how to cook. My family relationships were prioritised and now I speak to my mum up to 3 times per week and also speak with my dad.

NHR have given me a lot of time to heal, the family thing has been important, that was one thing that had not happened – reforming those relationships.

“NHR create a second chance for those not given an opportunity, throughout their life”.

RS - 60 - NHR resident for 6 months

Since being with New Hope I have managed to get things sorted like my benefits which I have had some issues with due to the Covid situation. With New Hope I get keywork sessions, I have done some voluntary painting and decorating and landscaping (externally). I also go to church and do recovery support meetings on a Monday and Friday on average I do 3 meetings per week.

New Hope has opened my eyes to society, I will be 2 years clean next month and New hope have helped in getting me closer to my family, opened my eyes and a lot of channels opened up for me. NHR gives you an opportunity to be out on your own and move on and achieve in life.

I have done art all my life mainly animals and flowers etc and I find art helps me, gives me peace of mind and I find it really easy. I have been doing a lot of meditation, go for long walks and read my bible.

“I am at my peak, nothing at the back of my mind to use again. Really feels great…I feel greatness in me……".

SM - 44 - NHR resident for 6 months

I was homeless and in addiction, initially I was in rehab but that didn’t work for me as I had already done so many rehabs so I thought I better do something else. I was referred to New Hope by my GP and Feel that New Hope is a better set up for me as I have time to walk through the stages in the community putting things in to practice learning to live life.

New Hope give me the support I need staff have assisted me with appointments, helped with my finance, assisted in getting support around the 12 Step Programme and assisted with support in getting to from recovery support group meetings. I was very humbled…. So I just got to a meeting from there on as I was inspired.

Since I have been with New Hope I have learnt about budgeting, household duties, attend community based meetings, have one to one keywork sessions, Go to Church and have done some volunteering.

At this moment in time I am concentrating on my recovery and working on the 12 Steps. I have a sponsor who I met 5 days after moving into New Hope.

I am now also doing a Mental Health First Aid Course which will take about 3 months and I have approached a disability charity to look into volunteering with them.

NHR has provided me with the space and opportunity to move on with my life, helped me build social relationships, helped me with giving structure and most of all there is a lot of love in this organisation and I’ve been in a lot of places and there are conditions at New Hope but it is done in a gentler, loving, flexible way and this is very refreshing.

New Hope is definitely making my life easier to make changes and this helps as all stages from the recovery setting and staff always pick up the phone.

“It works if you work it, so work it cause you're worth it.” – 12 Step Community phrase

“If nothing changes, nothing changes” – Courtney C. Stevens

PS - 45 - NHR resident for 5 months

NHR is nice and homeley, is nice to have a place to feel relaxed and safe. I have been doing the weekly keywork sessios, zoom meetings, NA meetings and getting used to having independance again. Mainly getting a bit more normal structure. Was daunting but in a good way. NHR staff are really friendly and supportive 'really good guys'. I am now doing volunteer work with a property maintenance company doing some gardening etc. I love it am enjoying at and get to meet loads of people because we go everywhere. I will soon be starting a Health & Social Care Course which I am looking forward to. I am also doing a peer mentoring course with the Hep C Trust through Derby Hospital testing people and getting them the new treatment. I initially did some online training for a few months and now when there is a drive on I get contacted and join them in testing people. I just want to say it's really good here at NHR and if you are serious about your recovery definitely give it a go.