The following information has been compiled using feedback from service users.  NHR strive to ensure the best support possible as such we undertake feedback sessions to monitor levels of progress and to identify any areas that may support residents to progress further.  

Additional feedback was provided after a recent trip to Dovedale which was something Service Users have stated they would like to engage with more often.

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Simon - my journey...... 

I have been at NHR for over 9 months and I feel that from the beginning I was encouraged to take responsibility for my recovery, my decisions and ultimately the direction my life would take. As someone who had made a life dependency on drugs and alcohol those around me I needed to take responsibility. I was presented with the facts about how things were but encouraged with hope that change is possible for me.


I feel that the team has a great variety of personalities and each individual has a valuable style which is helpful depending on what was going on at the time. Within the variety there is however, a clear unity of message: change is possible.


I feel that I have progressed in many ways but most of all my self worth. The touching way that the team picked me up and put me back on my feet showed me I have value. If others are willing to care for me maybe I should do the same for myself. Today I invest in Simon and his future.

As I have chipped away day after day on rebuilding my life my confidence has grown and I move on with hope and consider what else I can do going forward. It's the space and encouragement from NHR that has enabled me to do this.


I am now attending Derby university, I have a weekend job and my own accommodation.


I came to NHR a broken man, I had failed again and again but deep down I held onto hope. NHR has helped me to feed that hope, build my belief. I would say to anyone else to sit down have a quick assessment of they're life. If they are happy with the pain, misery and loss that comes from repeated failure then move aside and make space for someone who isn't.  Addictions kill and it's a slow death, however if you want to live, if you want to be free and happy ask someone in the team how they did it. Do yourself a favour and ask for help.

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Davie - my journey...... 

My name is Davie and I am an extremely grateful recovering addict. After 30 years of drug addiction I am finally clean, one day at a time, and living my life to the fullest.  

I moved to New Hope in January 2021 after successfully completing a 12 month Christian rehabilitation programme in Loughborough. Since moving to New Hope and settling into my new surroundings in the Nottingham area, I have been given the opportunity to work with service users as a support worker, helping them to realise their full potential in life, which I have been so fortunate to achieve myself in recent times.

I am currently studying for a health and social care diploma, which I will achieve next year, 2022, and then I will continue onto a counselling degree that same year.  I am as active as I can possibly be in the recovery network outside of New Hope also, which helps me in my recovery no end. This is what all of my peers in New Hope do, and is what was suggested to me to do.  For me, to be able to give back what was freely given to me, is nothing short of wonderful. 


What New Hope has given me, is the opportunity to be the man, son, brother and dad that I should always have been. Words cannot express my gratitude for what New Hope has done and continues to do in my life.

Dovedale Day Trip - June 2021

PS  - "The walk in Dovedale was amazing, went up the peak was great to get out and chill with the lads"

BM  - "was good being in a group with the lads sitting, talking about recovery, was an amazing day.  Would like to do more stuff like that."

JT  - "The day out to Dovedale was amazing, everyone together ‘Unity’ seeing everyone smile I want to see other people getting better…...."

LS  - "Day out to Dovedale was great it was a good social outing and beautiful environment.  People coming out of themselves………...."

RS  - "‘Loved it’ – opened my mind, freedom and exercise, was a beautiful day and got on really well with the other residents, would recommend doing that again, I love nature….."

JN  - "First time I have been put in such a stressful situation and I was grateful for it, It did me a lot of good, I was very reserved and don’t react anymore.  Would definitely like to do more things like that.."