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New hope Rehab offers programmes of work based on the needs of the individual to improve Health and Well-being 

New Hope Rehab Programme
of Support

New Hope Rehab residents undergo an assessment to establish suitability for the programme.  This assessment explores commitment to the programme, drug and alcohol history, criminal history, mental  health history, and any additional information. The New Hope programme is structured to provide support where residents need it most working with partner agencies to sustain long term recovery.


NHR programme includes:-

  • 1-1 Key-working sessions

  • Independent living skills sessions

  • Evidenced based Twelve Step Facilitation 

  • Therapeutic groups

  • Holistic therapies (mental well-being)

  • ·Nature based activities

  • Health, Fitness and Sports 

  • Life skills and education

  • Volunteering opportunities

  • Assistance in making referrals for ongoing support


Supported Living Accommodation:

  • Fully furnished

  • Own bedroom

  • Shared Kitchen, bathroom, lounge and garden

  • Easy access to local amenities

  • Accommodation maintained to a high standard

  • Wi-Fi access included

Tel: 0115 882 0889    Email:

Supported Living with floating support


NHR recognise that it is vital that adequate support is given to those that have achieved abstinence but are still early in their recovery journey. Each resident is given 3 hours of one to one floating support each week. There is an out-of-hours telephone service should residents require any further support.


All NHR properties are abstinence-based living and are suited to individuals that are practising abstinence from all substances (including alcohol).

Tailored in-house support


NHR Tailored support, advice and assistance includes:

•           Counselling sessions with a qualified person-

            centred therapist

•           Focused key working sessions

•           Drug & Alcohol recovery maintenance support

•           Managing finances (budgeting& benefits)

•           Help attending appointments

•           Cooking cleaning and shopping

•           Developing hobbies and interests

•           Building confidence, resilience and self esteem

•           Maintaining health safety and security

•           Signposting and accessing other services

•           Access to local leisure centre (health & fitness)

•           Access to volunteering in the community

•           Preparation for independent living (planning a

            successful move on)

NHR can also assist with:

•           Facilitate attendance to local

            recovery groups

•           Access to Holistic therapies (mental


•           Nature based activities

•           Access to further education

•           Gaining more independent living

Supported living accommodation

•           Fully furnished

•           Own bedroom

•           Shared Kitchen, bathroom, lounge

            & garden

•           Easy access to local amenities

•           Accommodation maintained to a

            high standard

•           Wi-Fi access included

Safety and security:  CCTV and secure door access system to help ensure residents safety and security.

One to One Support

Our qualified and experienced staff team support clients through the programme assisting them to establish routines and working practices that will aid the client to address  the underpinning issues such as trauma, shame, guilt and associated previous negative behaviours.  Special emphasis is given to cultivating positive positive behaviours and attitudes whilst learning how to manage self doubt, stigma and lack of self esteem

Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapies are effective in addressing countless physical and psychological concerns, from muscular aches and pains to hormonal imbalances, to improved sleep and mental clarity.

Holistic therapy is a completely natural and non-invasive treatment, suitable for all ages, which gently but effectively works to restore and maintain the body’s natural balance to  encourage the body’s own self healing. Holistic therapy offers a more natural approach to healing, 

Health and Fitness

Nature Based Activities

New Hope Rehabilitation believe the mental well-being in conjunction with physical well-being could give clients that added benefit of success through engaging with fitness based activities.  Some of the benefits include; feeling better/happier (raised endorphins), aids with weight loss or muscle gain, increases your energy levels, can help reduce varying health related illnesses, helps improve your quality of sleep​ and improve your mood (management of emotions and feelings in a productive manner).  New Hope Rehab have devised a well balanced programme that improves both physical and mental well-being.

It is already proven that nature can have a profound impact on ones mental health and as such New Hope Rehabilitation will support clients to take part in varying nature based activities to include nature walks, trips to nature based environments (e.g. beaches, Japanese gardens).  Some of the positive impacts the natural environment provide include; improved stress, levels, anxiousness decrease,  levels of anger reduce (due to being in a clam relaxed environment), improved levels of self esteem and confidence, improved levels of physical mobility due to becoming more active, meeting people within the community feeling you are no longer being judged.  Ones Mental and Physical well being are imperative to achieve long term progress.

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