New Hope Rehabilitation Supported Living

Aims and Objectives

The aim of New Hope Rehabilitation is to improve the quality of life of individuals who require support to better manage their lives. We assist in building foundations to achieve independent living by providing high quality, holistic and person-centred services.

NHR was founded by professionals with extensive experience of working in substance misuse, criminal justice, adult and children’s services. The founders carry a deep passion in reaching those on the fringes of society and offering New Hope in a manner that is authentic, effective and achievable. We have many years of experience in working closely with individuals and achieving positive results in achieving a better quality of life. We really do change lives! It is our firm belief that every person has the capacity to make positive changes to their lives provided that they have the right conditions and support.

Supported Living Accommodation:

  • Fully furnished

  • Own bedroom

  • Shared Kitchen, bathroom, lounge and garden

  • Easy access to local amenities

  • Accommodation maintained to a high standard

  • Wi-Fi access included


Living Room

NHR Services


NHR provides therapeutic supported living accommodation to individuals requiring additional support through showing compassion, empathy and positive regard, offering a range of floating support programmes. We place the person at the forefront of their support journey giving them the opportunity to regain control of their lives. We give a special emphasis on addressing any issues that can prevent individuals from living a stable and productive life. The philosophy of NHR is deeply rooted in the desire to making a long-term difference in the lives of those that access the service.



  • Provide supported living accommodation to assist individuals in having a safe environment to improve their quality of life and build foundations to achieve independent living.

  • Offer a range of tailored support programmes to help address any underlying issues.

  • Equip individuals with the confidence, self-esteem and life skills they need to live independently.