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New Hope Rehab offers Supported Living Accommodation services for individuals experiencing addiction

New Hope Rehab is a referral based facility where clients are able to access a abstinence based recovery programme

Free yourself from addiction and experience New Hope

New Hope Women's Accommodation Services

New Hope Women's Accommodation Services provides safe and secure supported accommodation for vulnerable women that have experienced homelessness or life changing events e.g. DV, Self-harm, etc


New Hope rehab was founded by professionals with extensive experience of working in substance misuse, criminal justice, adult and children’s services.

The founders carry a deep passion in reaching those on the fringes of society and offering New Hope in a manner that is authentic, effective and achievable.

It is our firm belief that every person has the capacity to make positive changes to their lives provided that they have the right conditions and support.

New Hope Rehab Supported Accommodation is aimed at those that are exiting residential rehabilitation or have achieved abstinence in the community and require support to maintain their recovery, improving their quality of life and building the foundations to achieve independent living. NHR supports men 18 years and over. NHR is a culturally responsive service enabling us to also meet the needs of people from BAME.  All of our properties come fully furnished. NHR has a range of properties including 2-3-4 bed shared accommodation. NHR undertakes a careful matching process when placing individuals in shared accommodation to ensure a balanced and safe shared living. Please contact us for more information.



We provide a holistic therapeutic approach to addiction recovery

We focus on the psychology and emotions of a person alongside their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. We believe that exercise and  a healthy diet are also vital components in the recovery  process.

The Facilities

New Hope Rehab facilities are within the East Midlands. - referrals are accepted from services including GPs, Hospitals, Local Authorities 


At New Hope Rehab we provide a therapeutic programme consisting of focused keywork sessions, including therapeutic groups.  NHR staff also support residents with Twelve Step Facilitation.  NHR's main focus is to support individuals in accessing support  to work towards living independently 


Our qualified and experienced staff team consists of, Therapists, professional support workers and people with lived experience of addiction – those who have come through the other side successfully. The staff team at New Hope Rehab are carefully selected comprising of those that carry authentic passion and positive regard.  We know the journey of addiction but more importantly we know the solution to reclaiming our lives and achieving lasting recovery

The Staff Team

Thank you to our Partners

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